Former Fulmer Cup winner, Ellis T. Jones, runs for city council

Ellis T. Jones Fulmer Cup Winner

Former Fulmer Cup winner and San Jose State football player runs for city council.

His first conviction involved robberies of a pizza parlor and a home over two days in July 2006. The second was when he later posed as a buyer or seller of high-tech gear on Craigslist.

Though he doesn’t take sides in the council contest, Ha’Eri said: “I hope he does well. … This is a good example of sometimes a person can kind of … learn from their mistakes and turn their lives around particularly when they’re young enough to make those fixes because I do believe in the restorative value of justice.

“They’re not defined by one thing they did in their twenties,” he said.

Source: Q&A With GOP’s Ellis T. Jones, D3 San Diego City Council Candidate, Ex-Felon

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